Production technologies


tvarnenie za studena

We have been using from 2- up to 5-stage forming machineries, which are able re-form wire from diameters of 4 to 20 mm, and of length of 350 mm max.

Thread rolling

valcovanie zavitov

We are able to roll, up to diameter of 20 mm, thread types M, W, UNF, UNCF with all screw-threat fit types desired:
– Special triangular(tri-lobular)crest thread types
– TRIFORM(TM), TAPTITE(R), asymmetrical
Moreover we provide: grooves rolling, knurling, parts straightening

Cutting operations

Cutting operations on CNCmachines

– End face justification, bevelling, slotting/grooving
– Milling operations, drilling work, turning work – automatic machines, and with special-purpose machines
– Turning work on CNC machines
– Parts grinding and form grinding-out with grinding automatic machines
– Cutting and rolling of threads in holes

Metal surface finish

povrchova zprava kovov

– washing, pickling, dephosphorization, phosphorization, soaping, oiling. For metal surface treating we use up-to-date and powerful lines.

Automatic Sorting

This sorting machine enables you to sort parts from 3mm up to 12 mm diameter. Two optical camcorders assist at select diameters, lengths, bolt tread and internal shape. Selecting these sizes and shapes the machine can sort out 200 compoments per minute.



The parts are gauged using up-to-date measuring techniques. Production processes are statistically controlled while the production equipment stability is evaluated regularly.


Assembly of system components by semiautomatic machines.